When Is the Best Time to Get Pregnant?

The best time to get pregnant is not always the same for everybody. Some women ovulate at certain times of the month while other women don’t. There are also some women that have a higher chance of miscarriage when they are trying to conceive while others have a much easier time. The general rule of thumb is that you will ovulate approximately two weeks before your next period so calculate that into your pregnancy calendar.

Another thing to keep in mind when figuring out the best time to get pregnant is ovulation patterns. Ovulation patterns are basically when an egg is released from the ovary. The egg leaves the ovary and travels to the fallopian tube and the uterus. For some women, the egg will stay in the fallopian tubes for several days while other women ovulate in less time.

When it comes to predicting ovulation, cervical mucus and cervical fluid are your best bets. These two indicators will be noticeably different if you are trying to get pregnant. When an egg is released, cervical mucus will appear around your vagina and vaginal opening. This is a good indicator that the egg has made it way to the uterus.

Another important thing to know is that ovulation requires several days for the development of sperm. It takes at least one day for sperm to swim down the fallopian tubes to the uterus so using this method of determining the best time to get pregnant shouldn’t really be used in order to get pregnant. This is because it is estimated that sperm can only live for twenty-four hours before they perish so the timing of when you want to get pregnant has to be planned around this period of time. Using this method isn’t very accurate because there are only about four days per month when an egg will be ready to be fertilized which is after the twenty-four hour period.

For a woman that has intercourse near ovulation, cervical mucus will also be clear and at its peak. The cervical mucus will look thicker than normal which is another strong indication that you are currently ovulating. Using this method to determine the best time to get pregnant isn’t very accurate because there are only about four days each month that this is achievable. To find out when you are going to ovulate using a calendar is not very practical or accurate because you have no way of predicting ovulation with any accuracy. Using a natural ovulation calculator is your best option if you want to find out when you are most likely to ovulate using a calendar.

Using ovulation testing products such as an ovulation kit are also not very accurate. This is because these tests are based on a twenty-four hour cycle and are designed to help women determine their most fertile days. This is not the best time to get pregnant so you need to find out for sure when you are ovulating with a natural method.

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